Legislative Services

Legislative Services is responsible for supporting Council decision-making processes, performing record-keeping services for the City, providing bylaw enforcement services, managing risk, liaising with other levels of government, and advising on legal matters. Work is carried out by the following divisions:

  • Bylaw Enforcement, Animal Services and Business Licensing
  • City Clerk’s Office
  • Intergovernmental Relations and Reconciliation 
  • Legal Services
  • Risk and Emergency Management

Bylaw Enforcement, Animal Services and Business Licensing

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Managing bylaw education, compliance and enforcement actions 
  • Supporting bylaw enforcement activities in other departments
  • Operating Coquitlam’s animal shelter and animal-care services
  • Issuing business licences to businesses operating in Coquitlam
  • Coordinating bylaw infraction adjudication hearings 
  • Offering information services to current and prospective businesses through the Business LinQ

City Clerk’s Office 

The City Clerk’s Office is a key communications link between City Council, staff and the community. Key responsibilities include: 

  • Managing statutory notification processes
  • Preparing agendas and minutes for Council and Committee meetings 
  • Managing corporate records, including City bylaws and Freedom of Information requests 
  • Providing administrative support to Council and its Committees 
  • Providing operational support services (reception and mail services)
  • Conducting local government elections
  • Operating the City Archives

Intergovernmental Relations and Reconciliation

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with other levels of government on initiatives that impact Coquitlam
  • Supporting a government-to-government relationship with neighbouring First Nations
  • Engaging in reconciliation initiatives with the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm First Nation and other Indigenous peoples including urban indigenous peoples that reside in the Coquitlam
  • Exploring partnerships with other levels of government

Legal Services 

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Providing legal advice and support to the City 
  • Overseeing all legal matters of the City
  • Supporting the business plan priorities of the City 

Risk and Emergency Management

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Strengthening risk governance
  • Managing the City’s insurance portfolio, as well as property and liability claims
  • Providing disaster mitigation and prevention services
  • Guiding emergency preparedness and planning within the City and delivering public education seminars to support a whole-of-community approach
  • Responding to, and recovering from, emergencies and natural disasters