Groundwater Well Irrigation

Town Centre Park Irrigation

April 8 Update Update 

Coquitlam plans to install a monitoring well at Town Centre Park Apr. 11 to 13.

Part of Coquitlam’s Enhanced Water Conservation Strategy, the pilot project involves drilling and installing a monitoring well just south of the park’s ball diamond over three days, starting Monday. 

Well Installation Begins Apr. 11

Contractors will be at Town Centre Park to install the well between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Apr. 11 to 13. The work will include drilling and installing a monitoring well, installation and testing of technical equipment, and securing the protective steel casing with cement. 

To protect public safety, the area will be cordoned off while the work is conducted. The site will be monitored overnight by security until the well is installed. 


Water Conservation Strategy Report to Council