Lane Rehabilitation Projects

The following locations will be receiving reparative work:

  • Lane South of Brisbane Avenue  - Lillian Street to Gatensbury Street (Lane 2076) 
  • Lane North of Como Lake Avenue - Porter Street to the east end (Lane 2165) 
  • Lane East of Robinson Street from Robinson Street to the east end (Lane 2014) 
  • Lane West of Clarke Road from Como Lake Avenue to Westley Avenue (Lane 2007) 
  • Lane East of Clarke Rd from Miller Avenue to Catherine Avenue (Lane 2011) 
  • Lane South of Stanton Avenue from Stanton Avenue to 40m south (Lane 2026) 
  • Lane South of Como Lake Avenue from Grover to Schoolhouse (Lane 2083) 
  • Lane South of Milford Avenue from Schoolhouse Street to Poirier Street (Lane 2103) 
  • Lane East of Johnson Street from lane to the north end (Lane 5006) 
  • Lane South of Mariner Way from Hawser Avenue to Dory Street (Lane 3006) 
  • Lane North of Capstan Crescent / (Lane 3008) Lane East of Dory Street (Lane 3007)
  • Lane North of Norman Avenue from Norman Avenue to the north end (Lane 3009)