Snow Response Request Tool

We have an online tool that will allow residents to report hazardous roads and sidewalks to the City this winter in real time. Our Snow Response Request tool is one of the City’s ongoing enhancements to our snow response services.

Based on Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, the tool allows users to locate a hazardous road or sidewalk on a map, provide details and optional contact information, and even submit an image. The requests are transmitted in real time. 

Report Concern

Submit Request

The City’s response will vary:

  • While snow is falling, streets are plowed according to the City’s priority system, which focus on primary roads first. Local roads and lanes, including those reported through the tool, are then addressed as resources allow.
  • If hazardous sidewalks are reported and confirmed, City staff may contact the occupants of the adjacent property. It is the responsibility of all owners and occupants to clear ice and snow from sidewalks bordering their property within 10 hours of every snowfall.
  • All information collected through the tool will be considered when the City prepares and evaluates its snow response plan.

Note that while snow is falling or until the primary roads are cleared, the City will not be addressing local roads or lanes.