There are bylaws in place to ensure the safe and efficient use of City streets. In addition to signs for no stopping and no parking zones, there are many rules that regulate how and where vehicles may stop and park.

View the Street and Traffic Bylaw Number 4402, 2014 (PDF).

No Stopping or Parking

  • within 2m of a driveway;    
  • within 5m of a fire hydrant;    
  • within 6m of a crosswalk;      
  • within 9m of an intersecting roadway;     
  • within 6m of a stop sign or traffic signal;     
  • within an intersection;
  • within 3m of an alley;
  • in an alley or back lane leaving less than 3m road width;
  • in an alley or back lane 5.5m directly in front of a garage or driveway;
  • beside a median, traffic island or traffic bulge.

Stopping or Parking Regulations

  • View Coquitlam Parking Regulations (PDF) in a simple graphic.
  • Do not park in any way that blocks a sidewalk, even if the vehicle is parked in a driveway. 
  • Vehicles having a GVW greater than 4,500kg, must park in an industrial zoned area. 
  • Trailers cannot be parked on any street unless they are attached to a vehicle capable of towing them. 
  • No vehicle may be parked on any street for longer than 48 hours without being moved.
  • Vehicles must park parallel to the roadway, including in cul-de-sacs. 
    • "Nose-in" or angle parking is not permitted unless the location has been marked or signed for angle parking. 
  • Vehicles parked on a roadway must have and display current licence plates and valid insurance. 

How to Report

To report a Street & Traffic Bylaw concern, call 604-927-3580 or email.

Learn more about Bylaw Enforcement.