Energy Efficient Upgrades

Buildings, including our homes and businesses, account for over 40% of Coquitlam’s community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

For homeowners, energy efficiency upgrades are a great way to decrease energy usage, and can make homes more comfortable. You can also save money over time. 

Examples of energy efficiency upgrades include:

  • Switching from natural gas, propane, or oil heating systems (e.g. furnaces or boilers) to electricity (e.g. heat pumps)
  • Upgrading your windows and doors
  • Adding or improving insulation
  • Upgrading refrigerators, washers, and dryers to ENERGY STAR® rated appliances
  • Replacing lights with LEDs
  • Installing “smart” or programmable thermostats

Considering a Heat Pump?  

Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient, climate-friendly heating systems available in B.C. When you replace your furnace with a heat pump, you get the added bonus of cooling - central AC for those warm nights without purchasing or maintaining a separate system. 

Heat Pump Webinar

The cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody joined with the CleanBC Community Energy Coach Program and offered a 1-hour webinar (plus a Q & A period) in June for residents interested in learning about heat pumps. 

You can view the June 2023 at this link. Please note that all rebate amounts shown in the webinars are reflective of what was available the date the webinar was recorded. For the most up to date information, visit CleanBC’s websiteand the federal Canada Greener Homes Program website.

Rebates and Grants

There are a variety of resources, rebates, and incentives available to help lower the costs of your next home energy efficiency project. 

  1. Municipal Top-up Offers

Municipal Top-up Offers

The Coquitlam municipal top-up offers are fully subscribed. 

The City is working with the province’s CleanBC Better Homes program to offer Coquitlam residents living in eligible homes top-up rebates for making energy efficient upgrades. These top-up rebates are in addition to CleanBC rebates and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to available funding.  Please refer to the CleanBC Better Homes webpages linked below for eligibility and application details.  

Electric Heat Pump Top-Up - $350

  • For eligible participants that switch from a fossil fuel space heating system (oil, natural gas or propane) to an electric heat pump, including central, mini-splits, multi-splits, air-to-water, and combination space and water systems.

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Top-Up - $350

  • For eligible participants that switch from a fossil fuel water heating system (oil, natural gas or propane) to an electric  heat pump water heater. 

Electrical Service Upgrade - $500 

  • For eligible participants that upgrade their electrical service to 100, 200 or 400 amp service and switch from a fossil fuel (oil, natural gas or propane) space or water heating system to an electric air-source heat pump or heat pump water heater.

Click through the tabs below to learn more about heat pumps and the rebate programs offered by the provincial and federal governments. Note: Rebates and incentives are subject to availability and can change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Please confirm availability and/or eligibility with the appropriate rebate providers.

  1. Group Purchase Heat Pump Rebate
  1. CleanBC Better Homes
  1. Canada Greener Homes Grant
  1. CleanBC Energy Coach Service
  2. EnerGuide Home Evaluation

The CleanBC energy coach service is a provincially-funded program that provides free, unbiased coaching to help guide homeowners through the various rebates and offers from CleanBC Better Homes. Energy coaches are energy efficiency specialists, providing building-science based information about the options to improve the energy efficiency of your home. They are available to answer your questions at all stages of the energy improvement project.  

For more information, visit CleanBC Better Homes and complete their online submission form, or contact an Energy Coach at 1-844-881-9790.

Support for your Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project

Follow CleanBC’s Better Homes Step-by-Step Rebate Guide to learn about:

  • Upgrades that make your home more comfortable and energy efficient
  • Eligible rebates
  • Program requirements
  • Selecting a contractor
  • Applying for rebates

Location of Exterior Mechanical Equipment

All mechanical equipment creates noise, and while manufacturers strive to improve efficiency and reduce noise levels, from time to time this equipment may be disruptive in residential areas. Therefore, it is important that exterior mechanical equipment is located in areas that have minimal impact on the quality of life of all residents. Please review this important bylaw information about the siting of exterior mechanical equipment and vent terminations in order to minimize the disruptive impacts.

Other Ways to Save Energy

Upgrades to your home are not the only way to reduce your home’s energy use. Here are some examples that can save you money on your next energy bill:

  • Lowering the temperature on thermostats
  • Turning off appliances and unplug electronic devices when not in use
  • Turning off lights when you leave the room
  • Hanging clothes to dry

For income-qualified households, BC Hydro offers free energy saving kits, which includes a water-efficient showerhead, faucet aerators, weather stripping and other energy saving products. 

Visit the links below from BC Hydro for more information on how to reduce energy use in your home:

New Homes

Building your next home? The City of Coquitlam requires Energy Step Code compliance for new building permit applications. Learn more about the City of Coquitlam’s Energy Step Code compliance requirements, and stay up to date on future energy efficiency requirements.