Contaminated Sites

Past industrial or commercial activities can result in contamination that requires remediation when a site is being redeveloped. The Environmental Management Act (EMA) and the Contaminated Sites Regulation (CSR) include requirements for identifying, cleaning, and registering contaminated sites. 

If a site has been known to have certain industrial and commercial uses (per Schedule 2 of the CSR), a Site Disclosure statement  is required to be provided to the City and is then referred to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. The applicant may require a Determination that the site is not contaminated, an Approval in Principle of a remediation plan, a Certificate of Compliance, a Voluntary Remediation Agreement, or a release from the ministry in order to move forward with a Development Application or Building Permit.

For more information on the Site Disclosure statement and contaminated sites please visit the Provincial website or contact the province by email