Spani Pool Renewal

Spani Outdoor Pool is over 50 years old, and it is time to upgrade this much-loved facility. Construction will start in spring 2023, and the facility will remain closed to the public during construction. Once complete in summer 2024, the renovated outdoor pool will be designed for accessibility, sustainability and usability and will include: 

  • A  new leisure pool with shallow beach entry, splash area, lazy river and 1.2-metre deep end
  • A new warming pool close to the forest edge
  • Expanded deck spaces for spectator seating, a lawn area for lounging and a concession - all of which allow for more event hosting possibilities
  • Accessible universal change rooms (including gendered and non-gendered washrooms, lockers and showers)
  • Accessible admissions area and staff spaces
  • Universal washrooms that can be accessed year-round from Mundy Park
  • A multipurpose room that can be used year-round for workshops, training, certification courses and recreation programming
  • Improved drop-off and pick-up area

The existing tank will be renovated but will stay the same size with eight 25-metre swim lanes, a dive tank and a new ramp for greater accessibility.

These plans maximize the future programming potential of the pool and make it inclusive for all ages and abilities. Staff are anticipating 16,000 drop-in visits, and 2,250 swimming lesson participants in 360 classes and certification courses per season. 

The City launched the Spani Pool Renewal Study (PDF) in spring 2020 to define the upgrades and cost of renewing the pool. Public engagement included a community survey, dedicated engagement page and direct consultation with stakeholders and user groups. 

Facility Upgrades to Improve Energy Efficiency

To improve energy efficiency and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the facility will make use of sustainable technologies such as pool covers, an air source heat pump and high-efficiency gas boiler for water heating, and an air source heat pump for heating and cooling the building interior. These design and retrofit improvements, funded through the City’s Carbon Offset Reserve, will significantly reduce the GHG emissions of the facility while also providing significant annual energy cost savings. 

Funding and Alignment with other Plans

In August 2021, the federal and provincial governments announced grant funding toward Spani Pool through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program’s (ICIP) Community, Culture, and Recreation Infrastructure Stream. Under the program, the Government of Canada is investing over $2.41 million, with the Province of British Columbia contributing over $2.01 million. Learn more about these funding contributions.  

The project aligns with other City plans and strategies and was identified as a priority project in the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan and the Aquatic Services and Infrastructure Strategy. The renewal of Spani Pool is a key project in the City’s upcoming Major Facilities Roadmap, a high-level document that will provide transparency for taxpayers by outlining the anticipated scheduling and costs to build, staff and operate City facilities.


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