Flowbird Parking App

Flowbird Mobile ParkingThe Whoosh! app is now Flowbird.


Use Flowbird to:

  • Extend your time (within allowable limits)
  • Pay to park in any City-owned lot
  • Request text or email reminders before your time is up
  • View or export your payment and transaction history

Running late? Use Flowbird on your mobile device or computer, wherever you are! The City is immediately alerted of your payment.

Transaction Fee

Please note that there is a 35-cent transaction fee to use Flowbird, similar to the previous TelePark system. Those who wish to avoid a fee can still pay for their parking at a pay station.

Download Flowbird

Download Flowbird on the App Store or on Google Play.

How to Use Flowbird

  1. Park and open the Flowbird app
  2. Choose a location by GPS (using location services) or zone code
  3. Choose how long you will park
  4. Confirm your payment

More information and frequently asked questions visit Flowbird’s website.