Fire Hydrants

Hydrants are designed primarily to provide water for fire-fighting. They are located throughout the City so that every building structure has one readily available for its’ protection. Hydrants also have other uses including water main flushing, providing temporary water service to properties during water main shutdowns, and even act as a source of water in the event of an emergency.

When the Fire Department needs to use a hydrant, it is important they can gain access to it easily. Please remember to:

  • Clear snow from around hydrants in front of your property.
  • Do not plant any trees, shrubs, flowers within 1 metre of a hydrant.
  • Do not put up fences, walls, or any structure within 1 metre of a hydrant.
  • Do not place anything  between a hydrant and the street so it is easily seen by the Fire Department.

Problems with Fire Hydrants

If you see any problems with a fire hydrant, please report it to Engineering Customer Service at 604-927-3500.  Each hydrant has a number painted on top and this information would be helpful if you are reporting a problem. Problems may include:

  • Damage from an accident
  • Missing caps
  • Vandalism
  • Water leaking

Private Fire Hydrants

Some properties have privately owned fire hydrants which the City does not maintain. If a privately owned hydrant is leaking or damaged, the property owner should be notified.  Private hydrants can be identified as they will not have a number painted on it.

Using a Fire Hydrant

Using a fire hydrant is restricted to authorized people only. If you need to use a fire hydrant, a permit must be issued and the fee paid. To request a permit, contact Engineering Customer Service at 604-927-3500 or visit the Engineering section of City Hall, located at:
3000 Guildford Way
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7N2

Fire Hydrant Use for Filming

The City of Coquitlam does not allow access to city fire hydrants for filming purposes. However, if you require water access for your production you will be required to hire a water truck to fill for transport.

Water Fill Stations

Did you know? In order to make water more conveniently available to residential and commercial customers, the City of Coquitlam has two clean and secure Water Fill Stations (PDF) that meet the BC Drinking Water Protection Act located at the below locations: