Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers help keep Coquitlam safe and clean, protect our environment and support our seniors and those in need. Volunteers make our community programs and events a success and provide a dynamic environment where all are welcome.

We appreciate the contributions of our volunteers, which are what allow us to extend our reach and impact in the community. Our volunteers help enrich the lives of others and makes Coquitlam a great place to live, learn and play. 

National Volunteer Week

April 14 – 20, 2024

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we thank all of the volunteers who donate their time and efforts to build a better community. 

Volunteer Outreach Activities

Celebrate National Volunteer Week in Coquitlam by connecting with your community. Come out to a number of activities to learn more about volunteer opportunities and meet new members of your community. See the schedule below.

Volunteer Outreach Activities Schedule April 14 - 20

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Tell Us Your Volunteer Story

We want to hear about why you volunteer and some of the experiences you've had.  Simply complete our brief My Volunteer Story web form.