Help Guide

  1. General Navigation
  2. Locate a Property or Street
  3. Performing Measurements
  4. Alter the Contents & View Symbology / Legend
  5. Identifying Features & Displaying Attributes
  6. Determining the Zone, Land Use, Area Plan & Neighbourhood Plan of a Property.
  7. Viewing Legal Survey Plans
  8. Determining the Presence of Rights of Way, Covenants and Easements
  9. Determining the Presence of Streamside Protection and Enhancement Areas (SPEA)

To zoom in and out use the mouse wheel or the plus and minus icons on the top left of the screen. To return to the original map extents select the house icon below the plus and minus icons.

Click, hold and drag the mouse to pan and move North, South, East or West.

Double-click to zoom in on an area.

While holding the shift button, draw a box to zoom to that area.