Home owners and businesses today demand the fastest internet, telecom and wireless services available. 

Build your strata properties and commercial developments with connections to QNet, and you’ll gain a competitive edge. You’ll be marketing a building where people can expect quicker downloads, more reliable services, seamless wireless connections and smarter homes. 

QNet is the City of Coquitlam’s fibre optic network, providing cable to high-rise residential towers and other buildings throughout the community. 

Our team works with your project manager or general contractor to ensure minimal disruption to your construction schedule. 

How Your Development Benefits 

  • We provide a turnkey fibre optic solution to your building – with zero commitment and no hidden charges.
  • Residents will be able to access the fastest internet and telecom services at competitive prices through a range of service providers.

How the Process Works

We like to work with developers of new building complexes at the planning stage. Why? Because if we bring the cable in during construction, we won’t have to drill holes through your walls to bring it in later. 

During construction, we’ll work under the direction of your project manager, providing our design requirements in tandem with the other major telecom companies connecting to the site.

Typically, QNet will only need a single telecom duct to be installed from an underground enclosure in the City’s right-of-way into the main telecom room of the development. 

Are you a building manager or member of a residential strata? Your development can be retrofitted with QNet’s latest technology – at no cost to you. Find out how on the Residential High-Rises page.