City-Wide Parking Review

Parking is an important component for achieving the City’s goals around sustainability and supporting economic vibrancy. The outcome of this City-Wide Parking Review will reflect new trends and mobility changes in Coquitlam that result from rapid transit investments and increased growth through development. The review is intended to develop a ‘made-in-Coquitlam’ approach to parking management that fulfills our community’s needs.

  1. Background
  2. Timing
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Effective parking management is an important tool not only to influence travel behaviour and encourage sustainable transportation, but also to support rapid transit investments, and planned growth and densification. It is also fundamental to achieving many broad City goals.

The City’s current parking management strategies and policies have been documented in several strategic policy documents: Citywide Official Community Plan, Strategic Transportation Plan, Transit-Oriented Development Strategy, Housing Affordability Strategy and the Zoning Bylaw, Part 7 (Off-Street Parking and Loading).

Considering the region-wide mobility trends and evolving parking dynamics, it is timely for the City to review and update our on- and off-street parking policies to ensure effective management of this important resource and to support our sustainability goals while still meeting future parking needs.