Transit-Oriented Development Strategy

On Monday July 30, 2012, Council approved the Transit-Oriented Development Strategy (as amended). View the Coquitlam Transit-Oriented Development Strategy (PDF) and Study Areas (PDF).

The Evergreen Line (now the Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line) represents a significant, long term transportation investment in Coquitlam and a key city building opportunity. To appropriately respond to the Evergreen Extension, the City developed a Transit Oriented Development Strategy to ensure that new development around future stations follows the principles of transit-oriented development: supportive densities, pedestrian-friendly streets, and a mix of land uses to allow more people to live and work close to high quality transit service.

The Transit-Oriented Development Strategy is a high-level approach to capitalize on opportunities related to the Evergreen Line and address potential impacts. Matching the right kind of land uses, development forms and high quality public space to the station areas will help provide greater transportation choice for residents, the local work force and visitors to the community.