Sewer Grant

Sanitary Connection Grant Program 

A detailed inspection of sanitary laterals using video cameras inside  pipes was completed in early 2022 in a sub-catchment of the Stoney Creek Sanitary Catchment around Chapman Avenue. This inspections showed that more than 40% of the inspected connections have deficiencies related to Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). 

Significant I&I reductions in the overall sewer system will require property owner involvement in sanitary lateral rehabilitation or replacement.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, an applicant for the Grant must:

  • be within the extent of the pilot program (PDF) (the first phase focuses on properties fronting a portion of Chapman Avenue within the Stoney Creek catchment);
  • have a lateral which is at minimum 30 years old; and,
  • confirm that the property does not have an active development application.

Grant funds can be used exclusively for the replacement of the existing sanitary lateral connection pipe between the property line and the existing house.

Grant Rebate Process

Scenario 1 - Property owner replacement:  The property owner must follow the following process to access the program:

  1. Call the Engineering Department at 604-927-3500 to confirm your property eligibility.  
  2. Upon confirmation of eligibility, submit and receive a plumbing permit (minimum plumbing permit fee only to apply). 
  3. Coordinate contractor to complete construction.
  4. Notify the Plumbing Department for inspection.
  5. Collect the following supporting documents and email them to the Engineering Department referencing their address:
    • Inspection report from the Plumbing Department 
    • Paid contractor invoice for the sanitary lateral rehabilitation.

Upon receipt and confirmation of the supporting documents, the City would provide the property owner a corresponding one-time grant up to $2,000.

Scenario 2 – Joint effort:  

In this scenario, the City is planning to replace the City-owned connection, and can approach the property owner to extend the work to include replacement of the private sewer connection. This scenario could be significantly cheaper for the property owner, as the City will have already mobilized the contractor. Under this scenario, the property owner must complete the following process to access the program:

  1. Property owner receive request from the City to replace the private sanitary connection.
  2. Property owner to confirm interest via email to the Engineering Department.
  3. The City will review and assess the scope of work and contribution amount needed from the property owner.  The assessment will be done on a case-by-case basis, as every sanitary connection is unique.
  4. The City will inform the property owner of the cost to complete the sanitary connection replacement works, including the grant discount.
  5. Property owner pays to the City the corresponding one-time payment for the discounted property owner share of the works, and the City’s contractor will complete the work in accordance with the City’s specifications. The City’s contractor would also apply for the plumbing permit, and pay the minimum permit fee.