Community Wildfire Updates

City of Coquitlam Wildfire Response and Preparedness

Coquitlam has developed a comprehensive plan to protect public and private properties from fires in forests, parks and green spaces. Building on Coquitlam’s existing wildfire prevention work, the Community Wildfire Resiliency Plan outlines dozens of actions aimed at reducing wildfire risk and improving the City’s response and recovery if fires do occur.

  1. Fire-risk Rating

    Fire Risk Rating Gauge. Current level is low.It's always important to keep an eye on and be aware of the local fire-risk rating as there are a number of changes and impacts to residents when it increases such as barbeque bans in our parks or the relaxation of watering restrictions in areas adjacent to heavily wooded/forested areas such as Mundy Park the northern forested boundary of the city.

    The current fire risk is “LOW”