Pavement Rehabilitation Program

Coquitlam has a pavement rehabilitation program that prioritizes and determines the best strategy for renewing streets.

Variables for Repairs

Development of the annual program is a rigorous process that considers:

  • Condition of the pavement
  • Impacts to residents
  • Maintenance issues
  • Planned street improvements
  • Planned years in advance
  • Safety issues
  • Underground utility repairs

Roads that have high vehicle volumes and greater speeds have a higher paving priority for safety reasons. The location of arterial streets and truck routes are shown in the map below. Annual paving of local residential streets are normally grouped in neighbourhoods to reduce construction costs and impacts. Other local streets in poor condition are also assessed and scheduled for paving by need.


Various treatments are applied to roads scheduled for rehabilitation, including:

  • Asphalt Overlay - an application of a thin asphalt layer on top of the existing road
  • Crack Sealing - to keep water from damaging the road’s structural base
  • Patching - to repair potholes that occur, normally after harsh winter conditions
  • Road Reconstruction - removal of old road surface, reconstruction of gravel road base and new asphalt pavement surface