Local Area Services Program

Local Area Services (LAS) are construction works on public streets which are provided by a municipality at the request of property owners.

Cost and Consideration

The cost of the works is split between the City and the owners. Residents interested in adding street improvements not currently budgeted can petition the City on a 60% homeowner and 40% City cost-share basis through a Local Area Service (LAS) petition process.

Local Area Service (LAS) projects are normally considered and implemented on a block by block basis.


Types of improvements include:

  • Concrete curbs and gutters  
  • Sidewalks (where feasible, with curb and gutter)


To initiate a "local area service" in a neighbourhood, on a specific street, or in an area:

  1. Contact the City of Coquitlam Public Work Liaison at 604-927-3515.
  2. If a neighbourhood demonstrates interest in Local Area Service, the City will conduct a public opinion survey.
  3. If there is a majority of interest, then the City will obtain a cost estimate for the work and proceed with the petition process.
    • Priority is given to areas where repaving is planned.
    • The current cost sharing is 60% homeowner and 40% City.

Petition Process

If the public opinion survey is positive, an "Official Petition" is mailed out to each property owner in area involved.

  1. The petition will quote the cost allocated to each property. 
  2. The "Official Petition" is certified if at least 50% of property owners representing at least 50% of the assessed value are in favour of the work.
  3. A report is provided to Council showing results of the petition. 
  4. If the project is approved, the work is tendered and awarded to a contractor.
  5. In the following year, the owner of each property is sent an invoice for their share of the cost and can either pay the lump sum or opt for payment, with interest, over fifteen years added to their annual Property Tax Bill.

Contact Us

For more information on the Coquitlam Local Area Service Program, contact the City’s Public Works Liaison at 604-927-3515.