Plans Examination

Fire Prevention Officers examine building plans, perform construction site inspections and provide occupancy approvals. They consult with builders, architects and other regulatory agencies to ensure buildings conform to the British Columbia Fire Codes (BC Fire Code) and British Columbia Building Codes.

Fire Systems Reviewed

The construction plan review is handled by Fire Inspectors in the Fire Prevention Division. Some of the fire safety systems covered in the plan review are:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Department Access 
  • Spray Booths
  • Standpipe and Hose Systems

The fire and life safety systems within buildings can be extremely effective in detecting, containing and controlling/extinguishing a fire in its incipient or early stages. They are extremely important in attempting to protect against the loss of life and limit the impact on the resident, business or community.

In addition, the Fire Inspector also reviews the following systems that impact life safety and firefighter operations:

  • Fire Apparatus Access Routes
  • Fire Safety Plans for both Construction and New Buildings
  • High-piled Storage or Storage of Hazardous Materials

5- & 6-Storey Wood-Framed Buildings

Requirements for standpipes in buildings (4 storeys or greater in height) that are under construction can be found in Standpipe Systems in Buildings Under Construction (PDF).


For inquires with regards to new construction and fire safety plan reviews please contact the Coquitlam Fire/Rescue’s Fire Prevention Division at 604-927-6433 or email the Division.

BC Fire Code

The BC Fire Code is a provincial regulation for ongoing use of existing buildings and facilities that establishes minimum standards for safety and fire protection.

Copies are available in print or online on the British Columbia Codes website, toll-free by phone at 800-663-6105, or by fax at 250-387-1120. A reference copy will also be available at the Coquitlam Public Library.

For further information please contact Fire Prevention at 604-927-6433.

Home Construction Site Fire Safety Tips

Follow these safety precautions to help prevent fires or the spread of fire in new house construction sites:

  • Provide security watch, surveillance systems and night lighting.
  • Secure building openings against unauthorized entry.
  • Install perimeter fencing around the site.
  • Limit the amount of combustible material storage in the building and around the site.
  • Ensure waste materials are removed from the site on a regular basis.

Please note, it is the owner or the owner’s authorized agent that is responsible for carrying out the full provisions of the BC Fire Code and the City’s Fire Prevention and Life Safety Bylaw.