Fire Alarm Control Panel Replacements

Like most equipment in buildings, fire alarm systems have wearing components. That is, over time, these systems will require repair in order to be maintained in operating condition in accordance with the British Columbia Fire Code. The most important component of a fire alarm system is the control unit and it typically contains the microprocessors that perform the logical actions of the system. Infrequently, the control unit of these systems may catastrophically fail, or when repair is required, replacement parts may no longer be available. In these situations it is often necessary to replace the entire control unit and related annunciator components in the system.

The recommendation for replacement of a control system shall be in documented form from an Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) certified fire protection technician or professional engineer with qualifications in electrical systems. Control units shall be replaced in conformance with the procedures listed in the Fire Alarm System Control Unit Replacement Policy (PDF).