Frontage Works Program

The City’s updated Frontage Works Program helps create a consistent, modern standard, improving both safety and aesthetics.

The program ensures all new homes built in southwest Coquitlam will contribute to upgrading adjacent streetscapes to a modern urban standard, including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping and rear lane improvements. The City will complete a number of improvement projects each year, on a block-by-block basis.

Previously, one-for-one replacements of single-family homes were exempt from this requirement, leading to a mix of old and new streetscape standards.

Streetscape improvements through the Frontage Works Program will take place in single-family, duplex and other designated housing areas in southwest Coquitlam, and include:

  • Streetscape upgrades or cash contributions
  • Cost-recovery from future development and subdivision applications on streets where the City completes the upgrades

Streetscape improvements include:

  • Concrete curb and gutter
  • Rear lane improvements
  • Road repaving
  • Separated concrete sidewalks with landscaped boulevards on both sides of the street
  • Street lighting
  • Street trees
  • Underground work (storm, sanitary, water) if necessary

Anyone currently submitting a development or subdivision application for a new single-family home in southwest Coquitlam is required to either:

  • Upgrade the section of street adjacent to their property to current standards, or
  • Make an equivalent cash payment towards City-funded streetscape upgrades

If the City has already upgraded the streetscape, applicants will be required to pay for the improvements made at the time of redevelopment.

Impact on Parking

The streetscape improvements will have a minimal impact on legal street parking. The road pavement will typically be 8.5-metres wide, which will permit legal, parallel parking along both sides of the street.

Fees for Improvements

Developers and builders typically have the option to pay a fee to the City at the time of the development or building permit application and the City will do the improvements in the future as part of the Frontage Works Program, based on the City’s priorities.

The fee will vary, based on factors including the streetscape elements required, length of street frontage, existing features on the street, and construction costs at the time.

Please refer to Schedule F of the City’s Fees and Charges Bylaw for more information.


The new Frontage Works Program requirements do not apply to:

  • Existing homes that are not undergoing development
  • Applications submitted before January 5, 2018
  • Additions, renovations including repairs on fire damaged homes (unless the home is substantially reconstructed)
  • Projects with an estimated value of less than $150,000

Frontage Works Improvement Projects 2024

Street improvements include new separated concrete sidewalks with landscaped boulevards on both sides of the street, road repaving, street lighting and any necessary underground work:

  • Dansey Avenue Frontage Improvement Project - The City awarded a contract to Lafarge Canada Inc. to complete the full streetscape improvements along Dansey Avenue, from Blue Mountain Street to Marmont Street. The scope of work includes underground utility upgrades, new separated concrete sidewalks with landscaped boulevards, road repaving and street lighting.

Completed Frontage Works Improvement Projects