Utility Fee

Your Annual Utility Bill

At the end of February, all residential property owners receive a Utility Bill. The City of Coquitlam provides water distribution, sewer disposal and waste collection services to residents.

The cost of these services is charged separately from property taxes in order to support operating costs and for costs of replacing aging infrastructure such as pipes, pumps, etc. Payment can be made with a credit card on the City’s website; make your Utility Bill Payment online.

Due Dates

The utility bill due date is March 31, 2022, covering the billing period of January 1 to December 31, 2022.

New in 2022: Changes to Water and Sewer Utility Rates 

Residential Customers

Starting in 2022, residential customers who are connected to the sewer system will see that sewer fees are now included on their March utility bill, instead of  on their July property tax bill. This change is revenue-neutral, meaning that it will not result in more money coming to the City of Coquitlam than the rates previously set to cover operating and capital costs.   

  • The sewer fee, previously billed in July with property taxes, is now being billed at the same time as the other utilities, such as garbage and water. 
  • The sewer fee will no longer be included on your property tax notice. 
  • While the sewer fee has increased slightly by 4% or $19 to cover the increased costs of providing sewer services, moving the $502 fee from the property tax bill to the utility bill is a revenue-neutral change.
  • Including sewer fees in utility billing is considered best practice – most municipalities within the lower mainland already bill their residents this way.
  • To help property owners with the transition to an earlier sewer billing date in 2022, the penalty date for late payments will be applied to accounts unpaid after July 4, which is when the sewer fee would have been due if there had been no change. 

Institutional, Commercial or Industrial Customers

These customers may see changes on their utility tax notice starting in 2022. The aim is to bring more transparency and fairness across all sectors in terms of how water and sewer rates are billed, which includes moving sewer charges from the July property tax bill to the March utility bill.  Visit the Water and Sewer Utility Rate Updates page for more info.

What You’re Billed For

The City of Coquitlam provides water distribution, sewer disposal and waste collection services to residents. The cost for these services is charged separately from property taxes. Fees charged support operating costs as well as the replacement of aging infrastructure such as pipes, pumps, etc.

2022 Utility Charges - Single-Family Dwellings

The 2022 Utility Bill Amount for single-family dwellings is your Water Charge and Sewer Charge plus your Garbage Collection Charge:

  • The 2022 Water Charge is $615.
  • The 2022 Sewer Charge is $502
  • 2022 Garbage Collection Charges cover the collection and removal of waste every other week, plus collection and removal of green waste (yard trimmings and food scraps) on a weekly basis. The amount charged for your garbage collection depends on the size of garbage cart you selected.
Garbage Cart SizeGarbage Cart Charge2022 Utility Bill Total
Small (120 Litres)$264$1381
Medium (240 Litres)$350$1467
Large (360 Litres)$494$1,611

2022 Utility Charges - Apartments, Townhouses & Mobile Homes

For each Residential Dwelling Unit in an Apartment building, Street-Oriented Village Home Residential, Townhouse or Mobile Home Park, your 2022 Utility Bill will be equal to your 2022 Water Charge, which is $369  and the 2022 Sewer Charge flat rate is $502

Breakdown of Fees

  1. Water Fees
  2. Garbage & Green Waste Fees
  3. Sewer & Drainage Fees

The utility charge for water is made up of the following:

  • 51% of the Water Fee is paid to Metro Vancouver to cover the costs of running the regional supply system, including water treatment plants that deliver the clean and safe water to Coquitlam.
  • 49% of the Water Fee covers City costs for the operation and management of the City’s water distribution system that provides water for fire protection as well as household, business and recreational use.

In Coquitlam, multi-family homes pay a lower water rate than single family homes. This recognizes that, generally, multi-family homes consume relatively less water, so residents of those homes should pay a lesser share of those costs.

Annual Flat Rate Charge

  • Multi-Family: $369
  • Secondary suite: $246
  • Single-Family: $615