Metered Utilities 

Coquitlam operates three utility services, water, sewer and solid waste that are funded primarily by user fees. The revenues collected pay for the respective City operating and capital infrastructure costs, as well as the Metro Vancouver cost for the supply of regional services.

In 2023, Coquitlam moved to a seasonal metered water rate structure to help support water conservation, per the City’s Enhanced Water Conservation Strategy (PDF)

Water Consumption and Rates

Summer water consumption in Coquitlam is typically 55% higher than winter water consumption. Our goal is to have no net increase in overall summer time consumption over the next 10 years while still enabling population growth.

  • To provide a financial incentive for water conservation in Coquitlam, a premium is charged for water use during the dry summer months, June through September, as there is less water available. 
  • A reduced rate is charged during the wetter months, October through May, when more water is available as the reservoirs fill.

The rate change is intended to be revenue-neutral for the City and is aligned with water rates charged by Metro Vancouver to Coquitlam. 

New Trimester Billing in 2024

Coquitlam is simplifying the billing frequency to align with the seasonal rate structure that was implemented in 2023. This involves moving from the previous quarterly billing schedule to a trimester billing schedule (moving from four bills per year to three bills per year).  

The first bill in 2024 will still represent only three months of consumption, November 2023 – January 2024, but the following bill will include four months of consumption, February – May 2024.  

Going forward, the annual billing schedule will represent the following months of consumption: 

  • February – May
  • June – September 
  • October – January

November 29, 2022, Report to Council - 2023 Water, Sewer, Drainage and Solid Waste Rate Amendments (PDF).

Billing Dates, Consumption Timeframe and Rates

BillConsumption PeriodMetered Rate (per m3)
February 2024Nov. 1,  2023 – Jan. 31, 2024 (2023 Regular Rate)$1.1275
June 2024
Feb. 1 – May 31, 2024 
(2024 Regular Rate)
October 2024
June 1 – Sep. 30, 2024 (Summer Rates) 
February 2025
Oct. 1 – Jan. 31, 2025 
(2024 Regular Rate)
Please note: Actual meter reading dates may differ.

2024 Metered Water Rates

Rate CategoryMetered Rate (per m3)
Regular (Jan. 1 – May 31, Oct. 1 - Dec. 31) $1.2161
Summer (June 1 - Sept. 30)$1.8242

In addition, a fixed trimester charge shall also apply to each metered utility account based on the size and number of meters assigned to that account, as outlined in the table below:

Meter Size (mm)Trimester Charge per Meter
16 – 19$18.20 
250 and larger$273.00

Water charges are based on meter consumption x water rate + trimester meter charge per meter.

2024 Metered Sewer Rates

Rate CategoryMetered Rate (per m3)
Each cubic meter – Regular $1.4005
Each cubic meter – BOD/TSS*$0.7003

In addition, each metered service account will be subject to a fixed trimester charge of $94.84. Sewer charges are based on total quarterly water consumption x sewer rate + fixed trimester charge.

*BOD/TSS customers must apply for and receive a waste discharge permit through Metro Vancouver, and pay additional fees directly to Metro Vancouver.

Detailed Consumption Data

Our automated meter-reading program is complete, which enables the City to receive near-real time hourly consumption data.  If you want to see your detailed consumption data, please email Customer Service.

How to Pay

There are a variety of methods available to make your utility payments either in person, via mail or online. Please visit our Utility Payment page for all the details. 

Learn More about Our Water System

The City of Coquitlam has developed an interactive guided story From Reservoir to Tap that shows the journey water takes from the watershed, and all the steps and people involved to deliver safe and reliable water to businesses and homes in our community. 

Learn more about our Water System at