Utilities Instalment Plan

Coquitlam taxpayers may sign-up for the Utilities Instalment Plan to have 6 pre-authorized amounts withdrawn from their bank account. Instalments are credited to the following year’s Utility Bill.


To be eligible to join the Utilities Instalment Plan, all tax and utilities accounts on the property must be up-to-date.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Utilities Instalment Plan Application Form (PDF).
  • Attached a personalized "void" cheque from your bank account.
  • Return completed application to Revenue Services Department by July 15 to start withdrawals on August 1.
  • You do not need to reapply each year. The Utilities Instalment Plan starts again each August.

Withdrawal Information

  • Number of Withdrawals: 6
  • First withdrawal: August 1
  • Last withdrawal: January 1

To calculate the amount of money to be to be withdrawn from your account, calculate your monthly instalments by dividing the amount on your current Utility Bill by 6.

This is just an estimate of the amount of your utilities. There may still be a balance owing when you receive your Utility Bill the following year.

Joining the Plan After August 1

If you join the plan after August 1, you can adjust the withdrawal amounts or pay a lump sum when you join the Utilities Instalment Plan. Withdrawal amounts in the following year will be automatically adjusted based on an estimate of the following year’s charges.

Utility Bill: Mailed End of February

  • Your Utility Bill will show the current utilities owing and the amount of money that you have in your instalment account.
  • Check under Amount Now Due to see whether you still have money owing.
  • Before the due date, make any final payment required.

Change Amount or Cancel Utilities Instalment Plan

  • Please note, all withdrawal amounts are automatically recalculated each year. When you submit a change amount request, future instalment payments will be automatically recalculated beginning the following year based on your current year’s levies, plus any estimated percentage increase, less any credit balance carried forward on your account, divided by 6.
  • 6 monthly instalments from August 1 to January 1. Withdrawal amount is automatically adjusted once annually based on an estimate of the future bill. The annual Utility Bill will provide details of the new withdrawal amount to begin the following August.
  • The City of Coquitlam requires at least 15 days written notice if you wish to change the withdrawal amount or to cancel your Utilities Instalment Plan.
  • Complete the Utilities Instalment Plan Application Form (PDF).