Bylaw Enforcement Notices, Dispute & Adjudication

Bylaw Enforcement Notices (tickets) must be paid or disputed within 14 days of the date the ticket is issued. If you do not pay or dispute in time, the full ticket penalty becomes immediately payable.

Ticket Disputes

Ticket disputes are only accepted through the Online Ticket Dispute Form. Please note, once a ticket is paid, there is no further option to dispute.

To ensure a consistent and equitable process, we do not accept ticket disputes over the phone and staff cannot address disputes in person.

Ticket Adjudication

The Bylaw Ticket Adjudication System allows the City to manage ticket disputes locally rather than through the Provincial Court system. Tickets can be adjudicated out of court with an adjudicator appointed by the Province. For more information, visit Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act.

Why is Adjudication used?

  • Simplifies dispute process
  • Removes minor bylaw tickets from the Provincial court system
  • Reduces ticket dispute time
  • More convenient since attendance at an adjudication hearing is not mandatory
  • More cost effective and efficient system
  • Helps ensure bylaw compliance

How It Works

Please refer to our bylaw ticket process at a glance flow chart (JPG).

Option A - Pay ticket

  • Reduced penalty payment within 14 days; full penalty payment after 14 days.
  • Payment Options:

Option B - Dispute ticket

You must request dispute within 14 days of the ticket being issued or the full ticket penalty will become immediately due and payable. Please note, once a ticket is paid, there is no further option to dispute.

If your ticket cannot be cancelled during the screening stage of the dispute, you may choose to either pay or proceed to adjudication. The adjudicator will only determine if the bylaw violation occurred or not, and may not reduce the penalty. If you choose to dispute the ticket at an adjudication hearing and are unsuccessful, an additional $25 administrative fee will be added to the penalty.