Environmental Achievement Awards

The Environmental Achievement Awards was started in 2004 and recognizes volunteers and educators who lead environmental sustainability initiatives and work to promote, preserve and enhance Coquitlam’s natural environment.

Nominations are made for individuals or groups who volunteer or go above and beyond in the areas of environmental conservation/protection, environmental education/public awareness, environmental sustainability and habitat enhancement/rehabilitation.

A sample of volunteer actions and projects from previous years includes: shoreline cleanups, litter cleanups, salmon habitat restoration, storm drain marking, nest box maintenance, guided public hikes, pollinator gardens, educational events, invasive plant removal and stewardship activities. Eligible volunteers and organizations can also nominate themselves.

  1. Eligible Projects and Activities
  2. Categories
  3. Recognition
  • Environmental conservation/protection
  • Environmental education/public awareness
  • Sustainability – e.g. waste reduction and recycling, climate action, water conservation, food security/gardening, sustainable transportation, etc.
  • Habitat enhancement/rehabilitation

2022 Environmental Achievement Award Winners

Jemma’s curiosity and exploration of the environment has inspired others with her efforts in sustainability by: protecting native species; planting a home garden; involvement in the Tree Restoration Project and Trail project at R.C. MacDonald School; and in sharing her passion with peers.

2022 Environmental Achievement Award Nominees

  • Adopt-A-Trail Trio - Long-term participation in the Adopt-A -Trial program ensuring the protection, preservation and enhancement of Mariner Park for local visitors and wildlife.
  • Todd Briggs - Participation in Adopt-a-Trail helps ensure Mundy Park is safe and clean, and inspires others to do the same.
  • Coquitlam Broombuster - Removing Invasive Scotch Broom, engaging the public, helping restore natural habitats and bringing awareness to the impacts of invasive species.
  • Melanie Debeau - Participation in Adopt-A-Trail at Blue Mountain Park ensures safe use and cleanliness by visitors and protects local wildlife.
  • The Early Birds - Volunteering to maintain safety and cleanliness of DeBoville Slough.
  • Shelley Frick - Passion for the environment shared through continuous work in various outdoor educational programs, inspiring the next generation to become environmental stewards.
  • Hoy/Scott Watershed Society - Protecting our major stream systems and maintaining the health of salmon and their ecosystem, as well as promoting the education and enjoyment of our local visitors.
  • Jenny Hui - Gentle approach with insects, friendly attitude and sharing of knowledge with the Park Spark program.
  • Brenda Ilic - Participation in Park Spark and Adopt-A-Trail helps keep our Town Center Park and Lafarge Lake safe and clean, and inspiring others to do the same.
  • Kelsey Keller - Sharing passion for the environment with classroom, inspiring colleagues and sparking participation, curiosity and imagination in the next generation of environmental stewards.
  • Rayan Khan - Passion for sustainability shines through in volunteering with Inspiration and Poirier Gardens.
  • Luka Kovacic - Passion for Stoney Creek and educating others have raised awareness and will inspire other youth to care for their environment.
  • George Kovacic - Participation in the Stoney Creek Environment Committee has raised awareness of the creek and the importance of improving fish habitat.
  • Thomas Greg Lamarre - Participation in Park Spark programs such as Inspiration Garden and maintaining our trails at Mackin Park.
  • Celena and Adrianna Mazzarolo - Taking care of Mountain View Park, raising awareness, inspiring others and protecting the environment.
  • Project Salamander - Educating and engaging students, sparking their participation, creativity and imagination, while conserving the environment.
  • John Saremba – As the Bat Program Coordinator with Burke Mountain Naturalists has had a significant impact on organizations within Coquitlam and advocacy for the environment, inspiring others.
  • Steve Smith - Participation in the Minnekhada Park Association—to protect, preserve and enhance its natural environment—has positively impacted the community by creating awareness, advocating for respect in the park and supporting local bat populations.
  • Stoney Creek Environment Committee - Continuous participation in protecting, preserving and enhancing Stoney Creek so local visitors and wildlife are able to enjoy it for years to come.