Training Facilities

Coquitlam Fire Rescue Fire Training Centre

Smoke billowing out the door at 2965 Franklin Street is a welcome sight – a sign that Coquitlam firefighters or other public fire safety professionals are acquiring valuable skills. This fictional address is for the Coquitlam Fire Training Centre, located at Town Centre Firehall, 1300 Pinetree Way. 

The modern training centre, built in 2022, represents a new era in providing expanded skills training and evaluation capacity – including live fire training – and infrastructure to support the next generation of fire trucks. 


  • Four story structure constructed of sea-cans
  • Two burn rooms using propane gas for realistic fire effect
  • Features found in both residential and commercial buildings including elevator door props and a fire alarm system 
  • Sloping roof system with a prop to practice roof breach activities
  • Theatrical smoke system with ducting to all rooms and spaces, including sloped roof prop
  • Anchors for rappelling and high-angle operations training
  • Working sprinkler system and standpipe
  • Interior wall breach props to simulate advanced survival training 
  • Moveable partition walls to simulate different room/hallway configurations 
  • Computerized controls for burn rooms, smoke control, fire alarm and mock elevator systems
  • Full exterior lighting systems for night training
  • Exterior combat challenge stairway 

Rentals Available

The Coquitlam Fire/Rescue Training Centre provides training under realistic conditions within a controlled environment, varied scenarios and repetition, improving both firefighter safety and performance. It is also equipped for modern firefighting techniques, such as water-foam fire suppression systems installed on many fire engines.  

Qualified applicants may request half-day or full-day sessions, with rental options including use of the new training centre, the training grounds, classroom space, equipment such as extinguishers and SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), and add-ons such as live fires with smoke, confined space/trench rescue, high-angle rescue and auto extrication.

Rental inquiries may be directed to the Training Division at 604-927-6400 or email Fire/Rescue.

Rental Rates and Fees