Burke Village Park


Northeast Coquitlam

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Burke Village park is a future park that will serve an important role connecting the Burke Mountain Village and the Northeast Community Centre.

The park will be centrally located in the Village next to the future community centre, and it will provide a critical pedestrian link from outside the Village directly into the heart of the neighbourhood for both neighbourhood residents and visitors to the Village and community centre.

The current concept plan calls for: 

  • an enhanced spray deck with play opportunities connect to the community centre for indoor/outdoor play opportunities
  • a large lawn area
  • accessible paths, especially along the steep slopes at the south end of the park

Protecting Important Watercourses

During the construction of Burke Village Promenade, three tributaries to Star Creek were culverted under the road while maintaining flows to downstream fish habitat. 

An important step in the development of Burke Village Park is rebuilding the watercourses north of Burke Village Promenade in order to ensure long-term water and nutrient contributions to Star Creek. Currently, the plan is to rebuild the eastern tributary in its existing alignment, and rebuild the two western tributaries as one extended watercourse through Burke Village Park. Advancing the park design includes determining the location and configuration of this new waterway in order to begin securing the necessary permits.

Next Steps

The plans for Burke Village Park will continue to move forward in tandem with the design of the Northeast Community Centre.

For example, while the main entrance to the Northeast Community Centre will be on Princeton Ave., a significant secondary entrance is also planned at the midpoint of Burke Village Park. The water feature will also be at this midpoint, not only to be able to share mechanical systems, but also to allow for indoor/outdoor play opportunities and access to change rooms and washrooms.

As design for the park amenities moves forward, it is anticipated that there will be community engagement opportunities to learn more about the plans and, where appropriate, provide feedback on specific design elements. Information about the project and these opportunities will be shared here as well as on social media, neighbourhood information and in the local paper.