Clean Water Management


The objective of Clean Water Management is to intercept surface runoff from adjacent undisturbed sites or impervious surfaces, and reduce the risk of erosion due to flowing water during periods of heavy rainfall or high pre-existing soil moisture conditions.


Clean Water Interceptor Ditch

Clean water may be diverted around the site to existing storm infrastructure or the receiving environment via temporary surface mounted pipes so that flows do not tax the onsite stormwater management/detention facilities. Interceptor ditches or swales must include design elements to minimize flow velocity or measures to mitigate channel and bank scour potential.

Clean Water Interceptor Berm

A compacted earthen berm may be constructed to intercept and divert surface runoff. The berm must be constructed to a height to prevent overtopping. Exposed materials must be suitably compacted and protected to mitigate scour resulting from channelized flows along the berm.

Temporary Downspout/Gutter Connection

Rooftop runoff may pose a significant risk of erosion and surface runoff generation during rain events. Gutter systems and either permanent or temporary down-spouts should be constructed as soon as possible to divert rooftop runoff from erodible materials within the immediate project area.