Paved Surfaces Sweeping & Maintenance


The objective of Paved Surfaces Sweeping and Maintenance is to proactively clear tracked materials from both onsite and offsite roads in advance of rain events to mitigate the entrainment and transport of sediment to existing stormwater infrastructure.


Hand Sweeping

Regular hand sweeping of incidental tracking in advance of any forecasted rain events should be completed in response to minor or localized tracking issues (i.e. single family lots).

Mechanical Sweeping / Vacuum Truck

Mechanical sweeping involves the use of a vacuum sweeper truck which provides repeated passes over paved road surfaces to address significant tracking concerns, typically associated with major hauling activities. Mechanical sweeping may also involve the use of a bobcat mounted sweeper attachment to scrape and sweep tracked materials associated with more localized activities. Vacuum sweeping may include the use of water to facilitate the sweeping efforts. However, flushing of road surfaces to remove tracked materials is not recommended.