Access & Egress Controls


The objective of Access and Egress Controls is to define access/egress points to mitigate the risk of tracking sediment from equipment and vehicles offsite, impacting road surfaces, and introducing sediment to offsite stormwater infrastructure.


Wheel Wash Facilities

Wheel wash facilities (PDF) require consideration of maintenance and dewatering requirements to remove accumulated sediments and ensure that the Erosion and Sediment Control mitigation objectives are being met. Typically, wheel wash facilities should ensure that wheels in contact with the wash facility should achieve at least four full rotations.

Rock Mulch Access/Egress Pads

Rock mulch access pads shall consist of a minimum of 3 inches clear fractured rock installed at a minimum thickness of 200 millimetre, and placed on a layer of non-woven geotextile fabric. These criteria are to mitigate the potential for the entrainment of fines from native materials below the access pad, and to mitigate the potential for the access pad materials to compact into the underlying substrate. Rock mulch pads require frequent inspection and repair/replacement to maintain their function and preclude offsite tracking.

Mud Mats

Proprietary products are available which utilize geotextile fabric supported by flexible supports or ribs and may be rolled out onto erodible surfaces to define a temporary access/egress location and mitigate potential tracking concerns.