Injured Animals & Animal Cruelty / Abuse

Injured Domestic Animal

  • Contact the Animal Shelter: 604-927-7387 
  • After Hours - Central Animal Emergency: 604-931-1911

Injured Wildlife

Deceased Animal

  • The Shelter will pick up deceased animals found in Coquitlam. Call the Animal Shelter at 604-927-7386
  • The Animal Shelter offers cremation services through Until We Meet Again for your beloved pet. There are options to have the ashes returned to you, or for a general cremation. Contact the shelter at 604-927-7387 for prices and other options.

Wildlife and Pests

The Coquitlam Animal Shelter is unable to assist you with any wildlife or pest issue, and the Shelter cannot accept any wildlife. Please do not bring any wildlife (skunks, raccoons, bats, etc.) to the Animal Shelter. For information on dealing with Wildlife or Pests, visit our Wildlife and Pest Management section or contact a pest control company for assistance. We cannot trap or provide assistance in trapping any animal. Should you find a deceased wild animal, you may call us at 604-927-7387 to remove the remains.

Animal Abuse

We can assure compliance to basic standards of animal care required under the Animal Care and Control Bylaw Number 4240, 2011 (Section 17) (PDF), but the Provincial SPCA Cruelty Investigators are responsible for the enforcement of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Wildlife issues are the responsibility of the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service.