Citizen Satisfaction Survey

2021 Survey Results

The 2021 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, conducted by Ipsos, asked a range of questions around quality of life, important issues, City services and financial planning. The survey also included information about communication and community engagement. The statistically-valid results provide sound insight into what the City is doing well, areas for improvement, and changing or emerging trends. 

On the whole, Coquitlam residents are highly satisfied:

  • 97% said they have a good quality of life
  • 96% said they are satisfied with the services provided by the City
  • 89% said they receive good value for their tax dollars

The results of the survey help to inform future corporate planning processes, including budgeting, strategic planning and business planning.

About the Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Ipsos-led statistically-valid 2021 Citizen Satisfaction Survey questioned 500 randomly selected Coquitlam residents aged 18 years or older between May 25 and June 11. The data was then weighted to ensure a representative distribution between ages, genders and neighbourhoods that reflects the actual population of the community according to 2016 Census data.

The City has collected citizen views each year on municipal services, priority issues and quality of life through Ipsos since 2003, using the insights to make decisions about planning, budgeting and community priorities. The only exception was in 2020 as, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no Citizen Satisfaction Survey was done.