Coquitlam Forms

  1. 01-09-2020 New Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer Form (PDF)
  2. 02-28-2020 New Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer Form (PDF)
  3. 12-13-2019 New Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer Form (PDF)
  4. Adopt-a-Trail Stewardship Program Activity Log (PDF)
  5. Adopt-a-Trail Stewardship Program Release and Waiver (PDF)
  6. Adopt-a-Trail Stewardship Program Statement of Commitment (PDF)
  7. Agent Authorization Form For Permit Application or File Access (PDF)
  8. Alternative Solution Application Form (PDF)
  9. Application for Approval to Remove Protected Trees (PDF)
  10. Application for Cat Registration (PDF)
  11. Application for Dog Licence (PDF)
  12. Application for Permanent Encroachment Permit (PDF)
  13. Application for Temporary Encroachment - Development (PDF)
  14. Application for Temporary Encroachment Permit - Residential (PDF)
  15. Appointment of Agent Authorization for Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  16. Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report (PDF)
  17. Barbeque Ban Exemption Permit Application (PDF)
  18. Board of Variance Application (PDF)
  19. Building Better Green Star Application Form (PDF)
  20. Business Licence Application - Commercial/Industrial (PDF)
  21. Business Licence Application - Film Company (PDF)
  22. Business Licence Application - Home Based Business (PDF)
  23. Business Licence Application - Non Resident (PDF)
  24. Business Licence Application - Special Event Vending (PDF)
  25. Business Licence Application Form - Mobile/Street Vendor (PDF)
  26. Cat Adoption Application Form (PDF)
  27. Certificate of Insurance - Consultant Form (PDF)
  28. Certificate of Insurance (PDF)
  29. Claims Form (PDF)
  30. Commercial Vehicle Licence Application (PDF)
  31. Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family Building Permit Checklist (PDF)
  32. Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Institutional Building Permit Application (PDF)
  33. Committee - Board Application Form (PDF)
  34. Congratulatory Message Request Form (PDF)
  35. Conservation Permit Application Form (PDF)
  36. Cultural Displays Application Form (PDF)
  37. Demolition Building Permit Application (PDF)
  38. Development Application Applicant Acknowledgement and Agent Authorization Form (PDF)
  39. Dog Adoption Application Form (PDF)
  40. Driveway Access Application (PDF)
  41. Erosion and Sediment Control Daily Site Inspection Checklist (PDF)
  42. Erosion and Sediment Control Site Monitoring Report Template (PDF)
  1. Filming - Road and Sidewalk Use Permit Request Form (PDF)
  2. Fireworks Event Permit Application (PDF)
  3. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Request for Access to Records Form (PDF)
  4. Heritage Revitalization Agreement Application (PDF)
  5. Minor Tenant Improvement Building Permit Application Form (PDF)
  6. Multi-Family Recycling Service Request (PDF)
  7. Nematode Water Exemption Permit (PDF)
  8. New Lawn Water Exemption Permit (PDF)
  9. Noise Bylaw Exemption Permit Application (PDF)
  10. Noise Bylaw Exemption Permit Application for Filming (PDF)
  11. Open Air Burning Permit - ALR Lands (PDF)
  12. Outdoor Recreation Waiver Form (PDF)
  13. Outdoor Sports Facility Request Form (PDF)
  14. Oversize-Overweight Permit Application Form (PDF)
  15. Plumbing Permit Application (PDF)
  16. Plumbing Permit Checklist (PDF)
  17. Prime Contractor Designation (PDF)
  18. Property Tax Prepayment Plan Application Form (PDF)
  19. Pyrotechnics Permit Application (PDF)
  20. Rental Application Form (PDF)
  21. Request for Approved Product Submission Form (PDF)
  22. Residential Single Family, Two Family Building Permit Application (PDF)
  23. Residential Single Family, Two Family Building Permit Checklist (PDF)
  24. Road and Sidewalk Closure Permit Application Form (PDF)
  25. Secondary Suite Permit Checklist (PDF)
  26. Secondary Suite Removal Form (PDF)
  27. Sign Coordinator's Appointment Form (PDF)
  28. Sign Coordinator's Approval Form (PDF)
  29. Sign Permit Application Form and Checklist (PDF)
  30. Significant Rainfall Event Planning Checklist (PDF)
  31. Small Animal Adoption Application Form (PDF)
  32. Snow Angels Waiver Form (PDF)
  33. Sprinkler Permit Application (PDF)
  34. Student Application to Film (PDF)
  35. Student Filming Guidelines (PDF)
  36. Sub Trades List (PDF)
  37. Tenant Improvement Checklist (PDF)
  38. Tournament Event Checklist (PDF)
  39. Traffic Signa Phase Time and Sequencing Information Request (PDF)
  40. Truck Route Exemption Permit Application (PDF)
  41. Utility Instalment Plan Application Form (PDF)
  42. Vending Machine Supplement Form (PDF)