My Garbage, Green Cart(s) or recycling wasn’t collected today. What do I do?

Curbside Collection in Winter Conditions 

In the event of wintery road conditions, there may be delays or temporary cancellations of waste collection services. 

  • During a snow event, residents should continue to place materials out for collection on your scheduled collection day, ensuring containers are visible and accessible for collection crews.
  • If your material is missed due to weather disruptions, collection crews will attempt to return the following day. If collection is still not possible, missed material will be collected the following week on your next regularly scheduled collection day. 
  • Download the free Coquitlam Curbside Collection app or sign-up for phone call or email notifications to get instant, property-specific service disruption alerts – details are at
  • Curbside recycling in Coquitlam is managed by Recycle BC, not the City. For recycling collection updates during winter weather, download the free Recycle BC app or visit