What steps have been taken, to date?
  • July 2013 - Council adopted the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan (PCNP), which included an implementation strategy to complete a Master Development Plan for the Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Spring 2014 - Development of the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre Master Plan (PDF)
  • September 2015 - Public consultation on the PCNC Master Plan
  • November 2015 - Report to Council (PDF) sharing feedback of public consultation
  • July 2017 - Public Hearing and OCP Amendment Bylaw adopted which:
    • Establishes the "neighbourhood centre" to reflect the objectives of the PCNP
    • Adopts policies to guide development within the PCNC
    • Establishes Development Permit Guidelines to guide the form and character of future development within the PCNC
  • July 2017 - PCNC Master Plan adopted by Council (PDF)
  • 2017 to Present: The City continues with the development planning of the Village, including preparing for the community centre and other public amenities.

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1. What is Burke Mountain Village?
2. What is the City’s role in the development of Burke Mountain Village?
3. What steps have been taken, to date?
4. What types of commercial businesses are likely to be located in Burke Mountain Village?
5. What types of public community facilities will be provided in Burke Mountain Village?
6. What are the next steps for the development of Burke Mountain Village?