How do I apply?

Before an application to the Board is made, you should review your plans and drawings with the City’s Development Services staff located on the Main Floor at City Hall (Building Permits counter). Staff will inform you if a variance is required for building permit approval. Board of Variance application forms and other related materials, including a submission checklist, are available at the Building Permits counter as well.

We encourage you to engage the services of a building design professional to assist you in preparing your plans submission if you are unfamiliar with building permit processes and construction matters. It is critical to submit as much detailed relevant information as possible to assist staff and the Board in completing their review of your application. Completed application forms and submissions are to be provided in person to the Building Permits counter. Applications must be signed by the property owner or a person authorized by the property owner. If the applicant cannot attend the meeting and would like to appoint a person to represent them at the meeting it will be necessary for the applicant to provide a letter authorizing the representation. 

This letter should be submitted to the Building Permit’s counter as soon as possible after the application has been submitted. A non-refundable application fee is required at the time your application is submitted. For current fee information, please refer to Schedule B of the City's Fees and Charges Bylaw (PDF).

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