Why should I get rid of my 13-litre toilet?

Toilet flushing uses about a quarter of water used in a home and are a major source of water leakage. Switching to a water efficient toilet will also reduce the pressure on our City’s water and sewer infrastructure, defer the costly infrastructure upgrades and save water for other essential uses like firefighting and water main flushing.

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1. Why should I get rid of my 13-litre toilet?
2. How do I know if my old and new toilets are eligible for the rebate?
3. Is there a deadline to apply? How many rebates can I apply for?
4. Do I have to throw away my old toilet? Where can I dispose of it?
5. Do I have to be the registered homeowner to apply?
6. My water efficient toilet was purchased and installed by my plumber. What do I do if I don’t have a receipt for my new toilet?
7. Will installing a low-flow toilet cause backup issues in my sewer pipe?
8. If there are items I’m not supposed to flush down the toilet, where should I dispose of them?