Will my Subdivision Application or Watercourse Development Permit Application be reviewed at the same time as my Development Permit Application?

If you are required to apply for a subdivision or a Watercourse Protection Development Permit, these applications will be reviewed at the same time as your Development Permit.

Conditions of a subdivision approval may include

  • Submission of legal documents that your legal advisor has drafted;
  • Submission of legal plans that your BC Land Surveyor has drafted; and
  • Submission of your Civil Engineer’s plans, if frontage works and utilities are required to be constructed.

All submitted documents and plans will require weeks of review and may require revisions if the submission does not address the City’s requirements.

If you are required to apply for a Watercourse Protection Development Permit or just have a QEP submit a Riparian Areas Regulation detailed assessment report if developing within 30m of a watercourse, the detailed assessment report must be approved by the Province of BC before any other City permits can be issued (including Watercourse Protection Development Permit).

Also see our Applicable Fees and Charges page regarding Engineering Works and Refundable Securities.