What is the current status of the building?

Coquitlam Fire/Rescue responded to a structure fire at 523 Gatensbury Street overnight on Thursday, March 7. Thanks to proper firewalls and an aggressive interior fire attack, the fire was mostly contained to one area of the building and most of the residents have now returned to their homes. In one section of the building, the units sustained significant damage and cannot be safely re-occupied.

What is known about the cause of the fire?

The incident is still under active investigation. The City of Coquitlam’s priority is to ensure the investigation's integrity, while respecting the sensitive nature and privacy of the residents affected by this fire. We appreciate the community's patience and understanding as we continue with this process.

What role does the City of Coquitlam play to support displaced residents during incidents like the Gatensbury Fire?

Emergency Social Services (ESS) are an integral part of British Columbia's response to emergencies, aimed at providing immediate and temporary assistance during the first 72 hours to individuals and families evacuated from their homes due to fires, floods, earthquakes, or similar crises. In scenarios such as the Gatensbury Fire, Emergency Social Services is responsible for offering essential support services, including food, lodging, clothing, family reunification, and emotional support, to address the urgent needs of those affected.

The coordination and delivery of Emergency Social Services in Coquitlam are managed by staff and volunteers, following the provincial guidelines established for emergency response. This structure ensures a consistent approach to the provision of Emergency Social Services across British Columbia, with adaptations as needed to meet the specific circumstances of each incident. Community partners play a supportive role in this effort, contributing to the overall response capability.

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