Yearly Taxes & Utilities Calendar


  • January 1: Final Utility Instalment Plan Withdrawal for Utility Bill payment
  •  January 31: Deadline to file a Notice of Complaint (Appeal) with the BC Assessment Authority regarding the assessed value of your property


  • February Utility Bills for Utility charges are mailed at the end of February.


  • March 31: Payment Due Date for Utility Bills


  • May 1: Final Tax Prepayment Plan Withdrawal for Property Tax Bill payment
  • Property Tax Bills are mailed at the end of May.


  • July 4: Payment Due Date for Property Tax Bills and claiming Home Owner Grant, if eligible
  • July 5: First 5% penalty added to current taxes or current utility bills if not paid by July 4
  •  July 15:Final date to submit changes, new applications for August 1 withdrawal for:
    • Tax Prepayment Plan
    • Utilities Instalment Plan


  • August 1: Withdrawals start for the Utility Instalment Plan and Taxes Prepayment Plan for 2023 taxation year


  • September 16: Second 5% penalty added to current taxes if not paid by September 15


  • October 2: Second 5% penalty added to Utilities account if not paid by October 1


  • December 31: Unpaid balance on Utility account transferred to Tax arrears. Daily interest accrues until paid in full
  • December 31: Last date to claim pervious year home owner grant
  • December 31: Last date to pay current utility bill through City of Coquitlam online payment system
  • December 31: Last date to pay current property taxes before daily interest charges