Special Lighting Features

The City of Coquitlam has a number of special lighting features that can be illuminated in themed colours to recognize important events and awareness campaigns. The light features include two LED light columns along Pinetree Way, and the fountain at Lafarge Lake, located in Town Centre Park.

View the Special Lighting Calendar to see what today's light show represents.

Criteria for Requesting Special Lighting

In addition to lighting for annual holidays and citywide events, the City will also consider special occasion lighting requests that meet the following criteria:

  • Application must be received a minimum of 45 days prior to requested date.
  • Application must support a local, provincial or national awareness issue that builds local community or is related to community health (such as World Mental Health Day, International Childhood Cancer Day, or World Alzheimer’s Day).
  • Application supports an event of local, provincial or national significance (such as BC Day or Canada Day).
  • Application supports a local festival or event that positively impacts local community spirit (such as Festival du Bois or ScotFest).
  • Light features may be used to acknowledge and welcome visiting dignitaries (such as international civic officials) hosted by the City.
  • Requests that contravene a City policy or bylaw, or requests that are personal, political or commercial in nature will not be considered.
  • Lighting is limited to a 24-hour period, typically from dusk until dawn, subject to the operational parameters of the light feature.
  • Applications must include:
    • Description of the event (maximum 250 characters)
    • Website link for more information
    • LED Light column requests must include a lighting show selection from the Light Show Guide
    • Fountain lighting requests must include specific colour(s) (a maximum of two colours can be programmed at once)
    • Specific date selected (ie. May 1) - date ranges will not be considered. If the specific date you've requested is not available, the City will reach out with alternate options to select from.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Prior to submitting your request please ensure it meets criteria above then submit your Special Lighting Feature Request.
Please provide at least 45 days’ notice for consideration of your application.

Special Lighting Show Examples

For a listing of all Special Lighting Shows view the Light Show Guide.

LED light column illuminated with pink
LED light column illuminated with multiple colours in a tie die pattern
LED light column illuminated with orange, gold and red in the style of a flame.
LED light column illuminated with purple and white.
LED light column illuminated with purple, green, and gold.
LED light column illuminated with spring colours blue, pink and yellow.


Please note that days without illumination requests or events are left as filler shows for the season and are not reflected in the Special Lighting Calendar.

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