Streetscape Enhancement Program

Coquitlam’s Streetscape Enhancement Program is enlivening streetscapes and public spaces across the community in 2023 and 2024 with public art, feature lighting, street furniture and other new amenities.   

The improvements are targeting neighbourhoods not undergoing redevelopment, along with key business areas and City gateways.  

The City is working with local businesses to select and coordinate the projects, which are funded by $400,000 from the Land Sale Reserve Fund as well $1000,000 from a recent Destination Development tourism grant. Staff are also exploring Corporate Partnership opportunities for the program to expand the impact.

Enlivening Coquitlam’s Streetscapes

The enhancements delivered through the program encourage community connection and pride, promote outdoor living, support tourism and economic development, and improve safety. 

New street furniture, architectural features and public art attract people to outdoor spaces and business areas, while feature lighting helps make streets and public spaces more vibrant, walkable and safe at all hours of the day.   

The City is working with local businesses to select and coordinate the projects, which are funded through the Land Sale Reserve Fund and a portion of a recent Destination Development tourism grant.

Staff Reports

2023 Enhancements

  1. Murals
  2. Lighting
  3. Gateways
  4. Bike Racks

Five new murals will be delivered through the 2023 program:

  • A vibrant Alice in Wonderland-inspired scene was painted in July on the Place des Arts Renaissance building by a team of youth led by an experienced mural artist to support the Summer Theatre Troupe’s outdoor performance of Through the Looking Glass.
  • An Indigenous-themed mural on part of the front and side of Town Centre Park Community Centre (formerly the Innovation Centre), designed by a multi-generational the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm (Kwikwetlem) First Nation team led by Sweewa (Joseph Kambeitz) an esteemed kʷikʷəƛ̓əm elder who is an experienced artist. The design concept will be completed in fall and the mural painted before the centre’s renovations are completed in 2024.
  • Following a public call for artists, three other murals will be painted in City Centre and Maillardville. 
    • 1198 Pinetree Way (next to Spirit Square) - Raven Tacuara
    • A business front and side at 953 Brunette Ave. (Opus Art Supplies) - Lay Hoon Ho in collaboration with emerging artist Angie Quintanilla Coates
    • The side of 928 Brunette Ave. (At Zara’s Hair and Beauty Salon) - Laura Kwok 

2024 Enhancements

A similar program is planned for 2024, including additional murals or public art in Burquitlam, Lower Lougheed and Austin Heights, as well as more lighting, architecture and street furniture. 

Projects will be considered during 2023 in consultation with the Cultural Services Advisory Committee, community partners and businesses, and be presented to Council for approval.

The City continues to explore corporate partnership opportunities and additional grants and funding to further offset the cost of the program.